Weekly Tennis Coaching Information

We Do Things Differently!

At We Do Tennis we are able to run great tennis programmes at a fantastic value across all of our sites. Please see below for session dates, and how the payment system works. Contact us if you need any further information:-

  • Payments are made monthly by Direct Debit. We charge the same amount per month, irrespective of how many sessions there are in a month (see below)
  • We only charge you for 40 weeks per year, but will aim to run 45 sessions per year. This covers weeks where you may not be able to make the sessions
  • The amount we charge per session is determined by maximum numbers, length of time and may vary across clubs
  • In addition we will also offer some free holiday sessions to increase the amount of tennis your children play
  • We run 5 x 9 week programmes throughout the year, with the 9th week being competition week
  • After the 9 weeks we have a one week break, and then restart with week 1 the following week. We also take two weeks off in the summer, and two weeks at Christmas
  • Our clubs normally ask us to ensure that all our regular players become members of the club. This is normally a nominal cost, but helps the club access funding for their facilities. We will send you information regarding membership at your club if applicable
  • Children are more than welcome to play across clubs, or more than once per week. Speak to your coach for more information
  • There is no obligation to stay on the programme, but please give us notice by the 10th of the month to stop at the end of that month, to enable us to fill the space on the programme. We will stop the payments with Go Cardless (our Direct Debit provider) to make things easier for you
  • Please e-mail matt@wedotennis.co.uk with any cancellation requests. Please note that refunds will not be issued for missed sessions
  • Our prices are reviewed every September, and we will notify you in July of any changes that will affect your bookings with us


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